The investments in technology made in recent years have enabled Magnesium to produce basic refractory masses, used as the main component of thermal and corrosive protection and repairs in furnaces and containers that work at high temperatures.

The products are divided into 4 categories: gunning, tundish, paving and EBT, with different degrees of purity and use of additives.

TUNDISH: Basic magnesium mass used as coating in continuous casting distributors.

GUNNING: Basic magnesium spray mass used in repairs and maintenance of equipment: cookers, converters, electric ovens and others.

PAVING: Basic magnesium mass used in the construction and repair of electric even ramps.

EBT (Eccentric Bottom Tap-hole): Basic magnesium mass used as filling in electric ovens.

Packing: Big Bag of 1,500kg and 2,000kg.