Magnesium oxide is the result of the calcination process of raw magnesite (magnesium carbonate) in a vertical or horizontal kiln, with a temperature of 900°C, resulting in a range of products with up to 92% MgO content.

We guarantee a high quality standard through the laboratorial analysis carried out from the extraction phase of the mineral to the finished product. Our products have a high level of efficiency due to the low level of impurity and heavy metals.

Magnesium oxide is an efficient and concentrated source for obtaining magnesium.

Magnesium has two lines of magnesium oxide known as CCM M and CCM P, which have a great diversity of granulometry, with sifted and ground materials.

Active Magnesium: 53% – 55%

Packaging: 25kg bag with pallet and Big Bag of up to 1,350kg

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