Among the highlights are mineral coal, iron ore and natural gas. Porto of Pecem moved 1,131,413 tons in the month of September.

Port of Pecem handled 1,131,413 tons of merchandise in September, 90% more than the same period last year. In the first half of the year, 7,179,521 tonnes were imported / exported through the Ceara port, 31% more than in 2015 and a record of movement between January and September since the beginning of its operation.

Imports (6,071,789 t) grew 25%, while exports (1,107,732 t) rose 73%. Considering the types of navigation, cabotage was the one that presented a more significant increase, with 2,353,593 tons handled until September while in 2015 a total of 683,632 tons had been moved.

Featured Products

Among the goods handled at the Port of Pecem, the highlights are mineral coal (2,966,066 t), iron ore (1,301,260 t), natural gas (813,549 t) and steel products (511,679 t).

The president of Cearaportos, Danilo Serpa, declares that this is the beginning of the new economic moment that Ceará is living.

“The Port of Pecem continues to grow, even with the economic scenario that is established in the country, and this is the plan of the State Government with all the improvements that are being implemented in the CIPP, to bring more investments, generate employment and income for Ceara through this equipment with great potential that we have,” said Serpa.